First Time Customers

First Time Customers

Dog grooming prices can vary based on several factors, including the condition of the dog’s coat, its age, overall health, and behavior during grooming sessions.

First Time Appointment? What to expect.

Kazoodles of Montgomery County offers caring and compassionate service. Our team of professional groomers bring years of experience, and a passion for pet care. Our years of experience will help guide you through the grooming process.

We Love Our Customers

When your book your first appointment our staff will take extra time to get to know your pet, understand your grooming and pet care needs, and explain the various grooming options and services. After a full evaluation and consultation we will be best able to quote a fair and equitable price, and recommend the best service offerings for you and your pet’s needs.

It’s essential for pet owners to communicate any relevant information about their dog’s needs so Kazoodles can ensure the best possible grooming experience for their furry friend.

Pricing Factors

Pet Size

The weight and overall size of your dog, and the length and type of coat, are factors that will impact the time for not just a pet cut, but shampoo, and blow dry. We make sure that your best friend returns to you happy, fluffy, and dry.

Double Coat

The breed of you dog determines the nature of their coat. Certain dog breeds have a double coat, which requires special treatment, grooming, and care. See a full list of breeds with double coat – here.


The condition of your dog’s coat plays a significant role. Dogs with tangled, matted, or excessively dirty coats, sometimes a result of outdoors play, require more time and effort from Kazoodles’ groomers to ensure they are properly cleaned and groomed. This additional work may result in higher grooming fees to compensate for the extra time and resources needed.

Age of Pet

Age can impact grooming prices. Older dogs may have specific grooming needs due to issues such as arthritis, sensitive skin, or reduced mobility. Our groomers may need to take extra care and use specialized techniques to ensure the comfort and safety of older dogs, which could lead to higher grooming costs.


A dog’s overall health can influence grooming prices. Dogs with skin conditions, allergies, or other health issues may require gentle or hypoallergenic grooming products, special handling, or additional grooming steps to accommodate their needs. These factors can contribute to increased grooming fees to cover the cost of specialized care.


A dog’s behavior during grooming sessions can affect pricing. Dogs that are anxious, aggressive, or uncooperative may require more time and effort from the groomer to complete the grooming process safely and effectively. Groomers may charge higher prices for handling difficult or challenging dogs to account for the extra time, expertise, and potential risks involved.

Overall, grooming prices may increase based on the unique needs and circumstances of each dog, including the condition of their coat, age, health status, and behavior. 

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Whether you need a simple or fancy cut, speciality grooming services, hair coloring, or a luxurious pet massage, Kazoodles offers 5 Star expertise with caring service.

Kazoodles is an extension of the vision of founder, Torri Grice. Torri Grice has been grooming pets in the Greater Philadelphia Region for 10+ years, establishing Kazoodles in 2013.
Torri also founded the PA charitable organization, Pooch Kaboose, a dog rescue no kill shelter.

Visionary Founder Torri Grice – Full BIO