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When you stop into our business, you’re sure to see Amber's smiling face welcome you at the door! Our resident dog groomer and a valued part of the team here at Kazoodles.

Customer Review:

AMBER IS THE BEST! My dog used to run out the door when it was time to get groomed and he sees her and is super excited and wags his tail almost off and the last time he even tinkled because he was so excited. AMBER IS THE BEST!

The Grooming Whisperer!

Meet Amber, the talented grooming maestro at Kazoodles, whose passion and expertise shine through every snip and trim. With two years of dedicated service at Kazoodles and over seven years of grooming experience under her belt, Amber is a true grooming virtuoso.

What sets Amber apart is her remarkable skill in handling even the most mischievous of pups with ease and finesse.

Amber’s specialty lies in working with naughty dogs, using patience, understanding, and gentle techniques to transform even the most unruly furballs into picture-perfect pooches.

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Whether you need a simple or fancy cut, speciality grooming services, hair coloring, or a luxurious pet massage, Kazoodles offers 5 Star expertise with caring service.

With her calming presence and compassionate approach, Amber turns grooming sessions into enjoyable experiences for both dogs and their owners alike.

But that’s not all—Amber’s talents extend beyond taming misbehaving pups. She is also a master of dog hair coloring, turning ordinary coats into vibrant works of art with her expert touch. Whether it’s a subtle highlight or a bold statement hue, Amber knows just how to enhance a dog’s natural beauty with her artistic flair.

In addition to her prowess with coloring, Amber has carved out a niche in grooming standard poodles. With precision and finesse, she sculpts their coats to perfection, ensuring they embody the elegance and grace that standard poodles are known for.

With Amber at the helm, you can trust that your furry friend will receive the royal treatment they deserve. Whether it’s a standard trim, a daring dye job, or a pampering session for your beloved standard poodle, Amber’s expertise and passion shine through in every groom. Say goodbye to grooming woes and hello to a paw-sitively perfect experience with Amber at Kazoodles!