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What a great addition to the Kazoodles team! Kelly brings experience and passion for pet care. We love her and so do our customers.

A great addition!

Introducing Kelly, the dynamic force behind Kazoodles’ grooming magic, whose dedication and expertise have been honed over an impressive 16-year grooming journey. With one year of exemplary service at Kazoodles, Kelly’s tenure is a testament to her unwavering commitment to perfection in every groom.

Kelly is more than just a groomer; she’s a powerhouse of efficiency and skill, earning her the title of a “power groomer.” With her adept hands and keen eye for detail, she delivers top-notch grooms in record time, ensuring that every dog leaves looking and feeling their best. Kelly’s ability to balance speed with quality sets her apart, making her a cherished asset to Kazoodles and a favorite among busy pet owners.

Beyond her grooming prowess, dogs are drawn to Kelly’s gentle soul and infectious spirit. Her kind demeanor and nurturing touch create a calming atmosphere that puts even the most anxious pups at ease.

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Whether you need a simple or fancy cut, speciality grooming services, hair coloring, or a luxurious pet massage, Kazoodles offers 5 Star expertise with caring service.

From the moment they step into her care, dogs feel safe, loved, and pampered — a testament to Kelly’s innate ability to connect with her furry clients on a deeper level.

Whether it’s a quick touch-up or a full grooming session, Kelly approaches each task with enthusiasm and dedication, ensuring that every dog receives the VIP treatment they deserve. With her winning combination of efficiency, compassion, and skill, Kelly has earned the admiration of both dogs and their owners alike at Bark4kazoodles. Say hello to stress-free grooming and hello to Kelly—the grooming powerhouse with a heart of gold!